On behalf of Driscoll Children's Hospital and the Volunteer Services Department, thank you for your interest in volunteering. We are delighted that you share our interest in volunteering.

If you have any questions about the application or the Summer Volunteen program, please call (361) 694-5011. Volunteens are required to complete the online application and upload all completed forms, as well as immunization records, as listed below. Volunteens also must adhere to hospital policies regarding professional conduct and safety.

Once your completed online application is received, Volunteer Services will review your submission. You will receive notification in an email along with other instructions within a few weeks of time.


- If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a parent e-signature upon submitting the application.
- Complete the online registration process which includes submitting the following required forms.

Please download these forms first BEFORE filling out the application. You will be uploading the completed forms at the bottom of the application form. Forms can be downloaded here:

1. Photo Consent Form   Please click here to download.

2. Summer Volunteen Service Guidelines   Please click here to download.

3. Volunteen Code of Conduct   Please click here to download. 

4. TSpot Screening Parental Consent
   Please click here to download.

Volunteen Application
Phone Numbers: Please list up to three.
Home Address

Medical Information (or indicate N/A)

Please list up to four volunteer and/or community activities you are involved with. List organization, position and dates:

(Please complete a 300-500 word essay in full before pressing SUBMIT button)
Describe something you have done in the past year that has made a difference in your school or community.

Please upload a copy of your immunizations. Your history MUST include VericellaTdap (or dTap) and MMR.
Teen E-Signature
I verify that the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize DCH and its agents to confirm all information provided on the application. I release DCH and all persons and companies from any claims, liabilities or damages from obtaining or furnishing information about me.

Parent E-Signature
If selected for the Summer Volunteen program at Driscoll Children's Hospital, I hereby grant permission for my teen to have an annual TB test (which may or may not include a chest x-ray) provided at no charge by the hospital.

The information in the Volunteen application supplied by my teenager is correct. I hereby grant permission for my teen to participate in the Volunteen program at Driscoll Children's Hospital and all Volunteen activities on campus. I understand that my teen's services are donated to the hospital without contemplation of compensation or future employment, and that those services are given for humanitarian or charitable reasons. If selected for the Volunteen program at Driscoll Children's Hospital, I release Driscoll Children's Hospital and its employees and adult volunteers from any claims of liability for any damages, injury, or illness resulting to said minor not occasioned by any fault or neglect on the part of Driscoll Children's Hospital, while participating in Volunteen activities.

I also understand that should my teen need printed verification of his/her summer hours for school or any school activities, a letter will be provided by the Volunteer Services Staff only after a minimum of 32 volunteer hours have been completed at/for Driscoll Children's Hospital.

To ensure that each teen placed in the program receives a quality experience, as well as to wisely utilize hospital resources, the number of teens placed in the summer program is limited. Each teen application, essay and interview is individually reviewed and scored against the same criteria in order to guarantee a fair and consistent selection process for all applicants. As a result, not all applicants will be placed into the program..